Selling Process

No matter how many times you have done it, selling your home can be a daunting process. Every day the questions we hear range from “Do I need to paint? and “Should we pack?” to “Should we replace the roof?” and “What do we do about the mold in the attic?”. We have worked with experienced sellers, first time sellers, homeowners in distressed situations, and homeowners in excellent equity positions.

What we have learned going through this similar process repeatedly, is that every person’s situation is different.

We train our brokers to identify exactly what your situation is, and then they develop a plan to maximize the value of your home, while minimizing the interruption to your life.

We will come to your home. (Please do not bother to wash the dishes or vacuum if you do not feel like it. We are not your guests. You are interviewing us.)

Your broker will want to do an exterior and interior walk around with you. Homeowners know their homes better than anyone, and we want you to give us the guided tour.

Your broker will take some notes and ask you some questions about the home. This is normal, we want to get a good feel for how old systems are and their condition. If you have maintenance records, have them accessible.

Once you and your broker have completed your home walk, your broker will want to sit with you to develop your plan of action.

During this short meeting, your broker will ask discovery questions that allow us to build a complete listing plan for you. They are trained to identify obstacles you may not even realize exist yet, so we do not have bumps in the road, down the road.

Once your broker has a complete picture, we will present you with a customized listing plan. This plan lays out expectations of Design Realty, expectations of you, how we will sell your home, how much we will sell it for, and how long it will take. We will provide you with this information before we ask you to sign any type of contract.

We aim to be transparent. We want to provide positive working solutions for our clients. Our goal is to help you turn over the stones so you can make informed decisions, and then execute for you in the least disruptive manner possible. Give us a call or schedule an appointment below!