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Design Realty Culture

24/7 Access

All of our offices are available to you 24/7, and to your guests!

Food & Beverages

We keep a fridge, freezer, and pantry well stocked with meals, snacks, and adult beverages. And if there’s something we don’t have, we’ll get it!


We have everything available to clean the inside of your vehicle, as we know your car is your 2nd office and sometimes your 1st!


You will be surrounded by top performers, committed hard workers, and brokers with a wealth of knowledge that are willing and eagerto guide, teach and befriend you every step of the way.

Our Core Values

We created these values for you to be the best of the best & help avoid burn out.



  • Ethical
  • Curious
  • Knowledgeable
  • Prompt
  • Thorough
  • Reliable


  • Care
  • Expertise
  • Commitment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Professionalism


  • Understand
  • Create Solutions
  • Accommodate
  • Invest
  • Be Bold
  • Work Together

What We Offer

  • Direct Connection High Quality Buyer Leads
    • as many as you can handle
  • Full Staging Warehouse For Listings
  • Full Time Listing Coordinator
  • Very Attractive Splits
  • Training – REAL & Consistent
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Snohomish Office Access
  • Kirkland Office Access


They are A LOT of work. There are so many facets involved in selling a house. Does the seller need help packing and moving? Do they need to get the house in market ready condition?
One listing can be more time consuming than five buyers. With that in mind, we have spent years developing an outstanding listing process.
Here is what we provide to our brokers:


All of our staging is done in house and is complimentary!!! Very few companies offer staging at no cost to their clients, let alone the entire house, but we have found this to be an invaluable tool. Your Listing Coordinator will manage the move and staging, and assist the client in their experience.



We believe all listings should get the shine they deserve. The week your listing goes live, your Listing Coordinator will ensure the windows are washed (inside & out), the house is fully cleaned, the seller’s personal items are moved out and staging moved in by professional movers, a sign installed, and the home professionally photographed. At Design Realty we don’t believe in passing these costs on to the client. So who pays for it? Design Realty splits the costs of these services with the listing broker and pays for these services up front and is then reimbursed at closing.

Home Improvements

Have you ever been into a home that has a lot of deferred maintenance? Maybe it needs a new roof or new siding? Would new carpet and fresh paint make a world of difference in getting your client top dollar? More often than not, sellers are apprehensive to spend money before their home goes on the market. At Design Realty we understand this and offer no interest financing to pay for these costs upfront to be reimbursed at closing out of the seller’s net proceeds. No interest, no fees, no mess!

Full Time Listing Coordinator

They handle the house from the moment the client says go, to the day it goes on the market. They coordinate a plethora of vendors, check in with the client’s needs, update you as needed, and make the house truly market ready.



Many companies have lead follow up programs, and though they may work, are they really conducive to a high performing, busy broker? We didn’t think so. The industry average is that 80% of a brokers time is spent chasing leads, while 20% is doing actual broker duties. At Design Realty, our whole model is designed to be the opposite. Our CRM is the heart of the operation. We use workflow and process automation to smooth out your job and save you time so you can focus on top line sales. This is not just any old CRM. This is a program that we will train you to become proficient in and in turn, will save you time and make you more money.


You are valuable to us because let’s face it, we make money when you make money. Since that’s the case, we want you making money. The best way for us to all make money together is for you to be a good real estate broker. The best way to be the best real estate broker is for you to learn about your product and the process. We will train you on the product in both a classroom setting and out in the field. We will train you on the transactional process and our in house processes as well. Everything you do as an agent we have a training program for. We will equip your toolbox with all the tools you need to convert and close and we will teach you how and when to use those tools.



We will continue working with you to learn throughout your time with us. We offer many ongoing training sessions that you are welcome to join. We will work with you individually if you, or we, have concerns of weakness in an area. You are welcome to raise your hand and suggest an idea for a training session. We love input and engagement from our brokers. We routinely bring in transactional partners to share their expertise in their field such as title officers, home inspectors, lenders and other people whose work touches yours.


We have a managing broker act as a hub for all things contract related. In addition to normal transaction management duties such as coordinating with escrow, lenders, keeping the file current and complete, our managing broker will also assist in offer writing, will fill out your listing paperwork, will assist to getting addenda signed and sent out. This managing broker is your resource for EVERYTHING contract or transaction related. You don’t pay for these services. We actually want you to adopt this system so you don’t get mired in time wasting transactional details. You still have complete oversight and 100% control of contact with your client and direction of the transaction but the idea is to save you minutes because minutes add up to hours and a lot of this time is unnecessary for you to spend hours doing. We would rather have you talking to clients, showing homes and sitting in listing appointments than managing transactional details.



At Design Realty you will always be able to reach a managing broker. Our managing brokers do not mind when you call, in fact we get worried if you’re not calling. Everyone has questions, no one knows all the answers, and there are a ton of moving parts, details and things to learn. Often times you may ask a question that we don’t know the answer to and will be able to go learn something new as well. We want our managing brokers to be partners with you rather than overseers. Our parent company, PRS, shares this philosophy with us. They also have a managing broker hotline that will ALWAYS be answered. Between our managing broker and PRS managing brokers, we see thousands of transactions per year and can generally find an answer to any question. In the event we are unable to find an answer in house, we are not shy about asking our attorneys for legal opinions.



We plan multiple team events a year from tubing to pool tournaments that allow us to get to know each other better and build that team building mentality. For the holidays, we host events for our data base and the community. From pies for Thanksgiving to a full blown Santa Christmas Photo event in our office! You will also be invited to our annual awards ceremony and Design Realty Christmas Party as well.

Kirkland Office

In the HEART of downtown Kirkland, with garage access, easy parking, and big bright views of Lake Washington, this office is to be desired. With closed doors, showers outfitted with towels and shower slippers, luxurious pool table, games, and electronic dart board make this a great place to end your work day.


South Snohomish with easy access right off Highway 9. This office was our original headquarters, and has the wholesome, community feel that is apparent in all Clearview Businesses. We know our neighbors, our managing broker is the President of Clearview Community Association, and we are well connected to other businesses and people in the community. Come explore our open concept, high end country design! This is a great place to learn, collaborate, and grow. There is also the potential for walk in traffic.


Supra Key Boxes

MLS Supra Key Boxes cost around $150 EACH. Don’t worry about having to purchase you’re own. At Design Realty, we will provide these for you for each of your listings at no additional cost to you.

Weekly Team Meetings

To the demand of our team, we do weekly meetings. These meetings DO NOT focus on the company. We focus on the market, on your experience as a broker, and on learning and growing. We want you to attend these meetings. Even if you’re an experienced broker who knows what we are talking about, we want you there to share your perspective so we can all learn and grow.

Social Media

We will brag on you, so you don’t have to brag on yourself. We post on our social media platforms multiple times a day and include your information on your transactions. You will be able to share these posts to your page, which show daily pending, sold and new listings. Sharing these posts will help you show the world just how busy of a brokerage you work for – and how busy you are!

Closing Gifts

Have you ever intended to buy a gift for a client after closing, but got busy doing other work? Do away with that task and hand it off to us with our concierge service! We have several platforms we work with so if you want to choose the gift, or if it’s something personal you want us to find and deliver, we can do that too.

Marketing Packets

We will provide you with laminated, bound information packets on selling and buying to provide to your leads and clients. These are all customized to showcase YOU, and we want you to hand them out to everyone. If you’re not reordering these often, we will come to you and ask you what’s wrong. Seriously, hand them out to everyone.

Cards & Signs

We cover the cost of your business cards and your signs. Have a certain design you want to see on your business card? NO PROBLEM! Work with our staff and card company to come up with a card that screams you and your personality. Signage is provided by the office and includes everything from yard arms to directional signs and a-frame open house signs.

Production Team

Design Realty has a production team that you can join. When you’re a part of this production team, Design Realty will pack your pipeline with high quality leads. Our leads are direct connections, meaning your phone rings and there is a consumer on the other end who wants to look at a home. We DO NOT inundate you with lists of bad phone numbers and junk email addresses to cold call. Our leads convert at 10-20% and our average transaction from them is nearly $900,000. We will provide you with enough leads, training and support to close 15-20 deals in your first 18 months.


We want you looking good, so we provide headshots! Initially when you onboard, we need a photo for our website, your signature line, Zillow profile, etc. We periodically have our photographer come in for new photos for our team or we can schedule a specific time that works for your schedule.


We offer jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats and more – ALL NAME BRAND, quality apparel! In addition to the items we provide to you at no charge, you will also have access to our exclusive store to customize and purchase additional apparel to suit your style.

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