Want to see what properties we have available? Want to find out how much your properties are worth? Check out our listing services.

What's Your Home Worth?

Our brokers are trained to provide you with the best estimate for the value of your property. We offer free estimates to our clients, because we believe selling your property should be stress-free and exciting. We want you to get the most money possible for selling your property, so we will take our time with adding up the value of your home.  


Buying and selling properties is a lot of work. There are so many different facets involved in buying and selling. Do you need help packing and moving? Do you need help getting your house in market-ready condition? These are just some of the questions you may have. We would love to be a part of providing you with peace of mind. Take a look at some of the services we provide.


All of our staging is done in house and is complimentary!!! Very few companies offer staging at no cost to their clients, let alone the entire house, but we have found this to be an invaluable tool. Your Listing Coordinator will manage the move and staging, and assist the client in their experience.



We believe all listings should get the shine they deserve. The week your listing goes live, your Listing Coordinator will ensure the windows are washed (inside & out), the house is fully cleaned, the seller’s personal items are moved out and staging moved in by professional movers, a sign installed, and the home professionally photographed. At Design Realty we don’t believe in passing these costs on to the client. So who pays for it? Design Realty splits the costs of these services with the listing broker and pays for these services up front and is then reimbursed at closing.

Home Improvements

Have you ever been into a home that has a lot of deferred maintenance? Maybe it needs a new roof or new siding? Would new carpet and fresh paint make a world of difference in getting your client top dollar? More often than not, sellers are apprehensive to spend money before their home goes on the market. At Design Realty we understand this and offer no interest financing to pay for these costs upfront to be reimbursed at closing out of the seller’s net proceeds. No interest, no fees, no mess!

Full Time Listing Coordinator

They handle the house from the moment the client says go, to the day it goes on the market. They coordinate a plethora of vendors, check in with the client’s needs, update you as needed, and make the house truly market ready.